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Tools For Brass Pipes

Tools For Brass Pipes

Article by Lawrence Halter

Brass pipe fittings are mostly made from heavy-duty brass alloy. These pipe fittings come in a lot of forms and sizes. Examples off brass pipe fittings are couplings, elbows, reducers, T’s, and unions. In order to have these brass pipe fittings look and perform well, different brass fitting manufacturers and suppliers put copper or nickel plating on them. To do these, they make use of certain tools.

The adjustable wrench is an ordinary and cheap plumbing tool that can be used for brass pipe fittings. Adjustable wrenches have adjustable and lockable jaws that allow brass pipe suppliers to adjust the size of the jaw that fits any nut or bolt size and lock it in place for tightening or loosening.

Adjustable wrenches may work on heavy duty brass pipes, but not on lightweight brass piping. Brass piping is a lighter version of much heavier brass pipe and can be easily damaged with ordinary adjustable wrenches. On the other hand, brass pipes are technically wear-and-tear-resistant, so using any adjustable wrench would be just fine.

A friction clamp is also used by brass pipe suppliers to hold brass pipes in place when brass pipe fittings are being attached and tightened. Friction clamps are much more suitable than ordinary plumbing clamps, since friction clamps do not damage thin brass pipes and piping made of brass sheets. Plus, friction clamps are not expensive, as they cost about the same as the amount of adjustable wrenches.

An friction wrench, on the other hand, can be used on brass pipes, brass piping, and brass pipe fittings, unlike an adjustable wrench. Friction wrenches do not weigh much as other kind of wrenches do. This is why friction wrenches are used by brass pipe suppliers on light materials such as brass piping.

However, friction wrenches have a big disadvantage that brass pipe suppliers have been coping over adjustable wrenches. The fact is, a friction wrench has only two sizes each tool, so brass pipe suppliers have to purchase a lot of friction wrenches with different sizes in order to work on brass pipes, piping, and fittings with different sizes, as well as bolts and nuts with various sizes.

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