/The Inside Out Glass Bubbler Maiden

The Inside Out Glass Bubbler Maiden

The Inside Out Glass Bubbler Maiden

There once was an inside out glass bubbler maiden known by the name Priscilla which coincidentally is Elvis’s wife’s name, not that you would have noticed. However though Pricilla is her name she is very shy. When I say she is shy I don’t mean in the way you’re thinking, the way were she hides and is nervous to talk in public. No what I mean is she is shy in color. Unlike the many other color changing glass bubblers, this girl barely changes color and it is only after extensive smoking that she changes color at all. The people who smoke from her protest, ” it takes so much tobacco to change you” to which she replies, “Indeed noble figments of somebody else’s imagination it does indeed take a lot to change my rich hand blown inside out color but only because I am so shy.”

This it sees is a terrible burden for our glass bubbler princess so she ponders what it is she should do, she thinks and she thinks and then an idea finally comes, she can talk to the wise old triple percolating, triple chamber glass on glass water pipe and ask him his opinion. When she went before the wise 3′ tall water pipe she was a bit nervous and she had even less color than normal. She asked the great glass water pipe what she should do and the water pipe said, ” the answer is quite simple my lady you are an attractive hand blown inside out glass maiden with many wonderful attributes you just need a bit of fuming.”

“Fuming!” the glass bubbler maiden exclaimed, “fuming of course that is what I need” and the glass bubbler maiden rejoiced because the wise old 3′ triple chamber, triple peculating glass on glass water pipe knew how to give her the fuming and he injected her with it, lining the inside of her water chamber until she to was filled with color easily by those who smoke from her. Oh sweet, sweet inside out color changing bubbler how we love you and how we love to fill you sticky goodness.

The glass bubbler maiden was happy with a sunflower smile and a inside out glass sidecar bubbler as a companion. The two became very happy, for the most part except she sometimes slept with other bubblers even other types of pipes, she once even bedded a vaporizer. She likes the inside outside car bubbler man but she does have her eye on a triple inside out American blown glass bubbler which offers her both power and class.

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