/The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Growers

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Growers

Whether you’re a veteran grower or a total newbie, you’ll need quality tools and materials for the best experience and to maximize your cannabis crop. This holiday gift guide is for the growers—and the people who love them:

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: GrowersThe High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Growers
Courtesy of Ultratrimmer


The UltraTrimmer is the BEST dry bud trimmer on the market. It will be the LAST trimmer you buy. This design works like scissors, allowing you to get boutique-ready trimmed bud in a fraction of the time. What separates it from the other trimmers is the fact that it doesn’t destroy trichomes!

The  new industrial processor has  a 8’ x 2’ deck that will kick out a pound every 2 to 3 minutes without destroying trichomes! This is the only trimmer on the market that will keep your trichomes intact. 

It doesn’t matter what you call it – cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, hemp – if you grow, you need to trim. If you need to trim, the only answer is the UltraTrimmer.

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