/Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen’s Advice to New Weed Smokers: Take Only One Hit
Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen’s Advice to New Weed Smokers: Take Only One Hit

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen’s Advice to New Weed Smokers: Take Only One Hit

During an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” the two cannabis icons said that newcomers to the weed scene should start low and take it slow. And, for the love of all that’s dank, stop trying to out-smoke them.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen confirmed that they’ve smoked weed together. A lot of weed. And they do it every chance they get. While that’s not a shocker, they did give some surprisingly sobering advice to novice tokers: Snoop suggested starting with just half a puff, while Rogen advised no more than a full, single puff.

The topic came up at the start of the episode, after Stern said that his show’s producer, JD Harmeyer, was thinking about smoking weed for the first time ever. As such, he wanted some advice from the guys who’ve not only built part of their entertainment empires on pot, but who also founded their own weed companies, Houseplant (Rogen) and LBS (Snoop).

“These guys know how to do weed,” the host noted, “and you gotta be careful. Tell me if this is right: Maybe three hits” to start when blazing for the first time.

“I’d start with one!” quipped Rogen.

“I’d say a half of one,” Snoop followed.

“This is from two guys who have had too many motherfuckers come up and get way too high,” Rogen added.

“And fall out,” Snoop said. “I have a lot of people [say], ‘My dream is to smoke with you.’ Bang. He dying. I’m gone.”

Later in the episode, Snoop and Rogen were given a menu from Lowell Farm’s weed cafe, which recently opened in West Hollywood. Stern asked the pair to suggest Harmeyer’s first strain.

“He should start with a sativa,” Snoop said. “It’s a little bit lighter. It’s more of an introduction.”

Rogen backed Snoop on the sativa selection, then added that Harmeyer should kick-off his toke test with some potent buds to “make sure you feel it.”

“I’m talking about what percent [of THC] should he start [with],” Rogen clarified. While browsing through the menu, he advised Harmeyer away from “lower percentage” weed that hovered around the 14 percent THC range.

“But are they ruining the fun of weed?” Stern asked. “Now we gotta read a fucking menu.”

“But see, when you’re a weedologist,” Snoop replied, “you know this shit. He read through the book just like that,” he added with a snap of his fingers. “He knew that motherfucker front and back.”

“Like a ninja,” Stern said. “Unbelievable.”

So, there you have it: Seth Rogen is a ninja weedologist, and Uncle Snoop already knows if you take one hit off his blunt, “your bitch ass gonna be done.” As the saying goes: Start low, go slow, and keep it mellow. There’s plenty of weed to last everyone a lifetime now.