There is a new sheriff in town

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There is a new sheriff in town

Well people we have a new attorney general and from what I understand he has a problem with drugs, all drugs including marijuana.  So what is the game plan?  Will he shut the states down are we in for an all-out war on drugs?  Will the gains that have been made all fade away in the wind?

Attorney General sessions is what they call him, he was just approve and sworn in, we do not yet know his agenda but I can bet a bottom dollar that legalizing marijuana is not it.  His boss has just announced a war on crime I wonder will the marijuana industry be at the front of that battle.

What you must understand that the federal laws on marijuana have never changed it is still a schedule one drug and you can still go to jail a long time if the federal enforcement is applied.  So the thought is will this be a good year for marijuana?  Will this be another year of gain are we setup for a year of steps backwards.

I was talking to one person and they believe that since the cat has been let out of the bag that it would be hard to put it back in.  So as of now all we can do is hope that the change coming to the industry will be good for business. And if not I guess you have four years to prepare.  Sometimes you have to look at the actions, because sometimes the words just don’t add up.

Will Attorney General Sessions set the marijuana industry back to the ice age?   I don’t know, but what I do know is that nothing has changed.  Until marijuana is no longer classified as a schedule one drug you can be arrested.   So State, we have a lot of work to do in maintaining a clean industry, and some of those tax funds that the states are reaping you just might want to save some just in case you need a good lawyer.