What A Difference A Day Make

The vote that you were not watching, while you were pouring out your eyes on the Donald Trump and the Hillary vote, several states like California for one were busy voting for a new  recreational Marijuana legalization.  What this means is that adults 21 and over will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana legally as far as the state is concern.  It also means that residents can grow up to six plants for personal use, can I say high times in California.

But it was not only California, the people of Massachusetts, and Nevada also took a dive into the recreational marijuana pool.  So we are now at eight and hopefully they are all putting together a coalition to get the law change federally once and for all.

Three states where added to the medical Marijuana pool when they pass there measures, we welcome Arkansas, North Dakota and Florida, and this is all great but what has happen to the fight to legalize the hemp plant and production that in itself can be a 20 billion dollar industry and create other new industries.  That is a subpart of the industry that we must step up and take. Hemp is growing across the world and America is missing out.

In the battle last night we lost Arizona, Maine, and Montana but as you can see the sentiment is slowly but surely growing in our favor and we will pick them up the next time.   There will be many more elections and Marijuana will be on the ballots so to get six out of eight is not too bad.  The overall goal is to decriminalize Marijuana and turn it into a taxed and regulated industry that would add billions to the economy, while saving billions medically and in prison cost.  We are better than that and we need to change laws and make things happen.

The use of Marijuana in the prevention and treatment of the major medical illnesses and the opportunity for pharma to get to the root core of the plant and to come up with some usable medications, all while allowing the war on drugs to be put to better use and to move to a different battle field.