Pennsylvania Medical marijuana law goes into effect.

On Wednesday April 13th the Pennsylvania house passed Senate Bill 3 which allows for the legalization of marijuana for medical proposes. Medical studies have shown that marijuana has been effective in relieving patients of suffering from pain and other serious medical conditions.

Today Pennsylvania has taken the steps to become the 24th state to enact a new law to govern it medical marijuana industry.  Sunday the Governor signed the bill into law in front of a crowd of supporters at the states capitol in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

This is the start of a year are two of debates and drafting and write the necessary regulations to govern the new medical marijuana industry in the state of Pennsylvania.  A provision will allow parents to legally administer the medical marijuana to their children before the legislation take effect in the coming months.

This is a quality of life event and the people of Pennsylvania with serious medical conditions can now be treated in their own state of residence. The term “medical Marijuana” refers to the use of the whole unprocessed marijuana plant and its extracts in the treatment of diseases and its symptoms.  Pennsylvania joins a growing number of states that have taken the step to make medical marijuana use legal.