The War on marijuana continues

In Colorado where marijuana is supposed to be legal many people find themselves in the crosshairs of the DEA.  What is suspected to be drug rings from Texas fault the hammer force of the federal, state and local government?  Agent confiscated scores of marijuana plants, and the equipment to grow them in raids throughout the Denver area as part of an investigation into the illegal distribution of marijuana outside of the state of Colorado.

The raid was on over 23 homes and warehouses that used sophisticated growing equipment to grow this illegal marijuana.  Authorities accuse the growers to be nothing more than just your common day drug gangs that have seized the opportunity to grow and farm marijuana in the shadows of the legal marijuana industry in the state of Colorado where laws were passed to allow medical and recreational use of marijuana.

Thursday raids stem from complaints of the smell of marijuana in resident areas near where some of the raids took place. There were over 40 people arrested in the Thursday raids and sources say over 300 plants were confiscated, Authorities believe these growers where from Texas and that all the marijuana was slated for the market in states that have no law that allows the growing and selling of marijuana.

The federal agents confiscated cars and homes and tons of growing equipment and let it be known that this is not the first nor will it be the last of the raids in Colorado.  The war on Drugs is still going on and the federal state and local officials will miss no opportunity to disrupt any illegal drug operations that includes marijuana growers in the state of Colorado.

The Denver Post reported that the operation involved the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Denver Police Department and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.